Sock Yarn 3 ply

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Our 70% Romney wool and 30% mohair blend sock yarn is our best selling yarn.  A favourite for sock knitters and sock wearers alike!  We use mohair instead of nylon in our sock yarn, which adds durability while keeping it 100% natural fibres. 400 yards/100 grams.

The grey sock yarn is from our foundation ram, Harry, and his son Joe.  Harry is a loveable, well mannered ram who enjoys a good scratch behind his ears. He passes his lovely fleece and temperament onto his lambs.

The fleeces from Betty and Clover have been used to make the cream sock yarn.  Betty was a 4H lamb for my niece, so she is halter trained.  A smaller bodied ewe who always gives a beautiful fleece. Clover is a bigger bodied ewe with a lovely fleece, she is the first ewe to have lambed on our farm.  Both ewes are good mothers and
usually have twins.